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What my students and their parents say about me:


My daughter and I first met Joyce Lynch at a co-op setting in Lakewood where she was teaching a history class in 1999. I found her to be a very warm and caring individual and more than adequately prepared with her visual as well as prepared presentation. The class time flew by because of the informative presentation. I had a sense, being in the classroom as an Aide, that the children wanted to return the next week with completed assignments in hand! So the story goes with interactions with Joyce throughout the years, even to completion of 2011. She is a good person. Her heart is endeared to the needs of her pupil. Her ability to tutor the child in their weak areas, becomes stronger as they succeed in their understanding. To see the child's confidence return is such a blessing. Joyce uses uplifting words; can do's..... no negativism. I would recommend her working with your child no matter what their age, for she truly is a gift in your child's learning experience. She is loved and appreciated by both our daughter, and myself. Respectfully submitted,

Eileen Straley,

Puyallup, Washington




I can not say enough about the skills and abilities of Joyce Lynch and the positive effect they made in my son's life!! Joyce is thorough, perceptive, and follows her instincts to get to the real roadblocks to our children's success and creative with avenues to aide future success for them.

Barb M.



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